What is Efficient Fitness

Efficient Fitness is personal training in a small class environment.  There are at most four clients per session and as few as one.

Why Efficient Fitness?

When working on machines at the gym, your muscles will get stronger and bigger.  However, when working on these machines, the muscles are working in isolation, independent of each other.  While you are working on one muscle group, the rest remain inactive.  The body does not learn how to perform these movements in real life positions, using all the muscle groups together.

Efficient Fitness is a functional fitness training program that focuses on training your muscles to work together to increase the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively.  Functional exercises increase not only muscular strength, but improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, endurance and coordination.

Efficient Fitness is training for life, not just for an event.  Efficient Fitness is an ongoing process, not an end goal, and is adapted to each person’s ability level and specific needs.