3….2…..1….Cold Shower Therapy!

I’m on day 2 of this thing.  I’m not gona lie, I was quite apprehensive yesterday about diving into the arctic-like water(yes, I’m exaggerating) of my cold shower.  Took me a couple of minutes actually.  Then I started inching my way into the shower.  The unfortunate part is that my shower is actually tiny; as a matter of fact I just measured and I have about a 27 inch by 25 inch space in my shower.  I’m 5’10” and roughly 217 pounds today, let’s just say I can’t hide from the water in that shower, so when I say I inched my way in, I meant I pretty much just jumped in.

Initially I whined and moaned and made stupid little sounds, but what’s funny is how very quickly, along with slowing my breathing, my body got acclimated to the cold water.  It felt like a like a warming effect, obviously it was still cold, but there was a tingling sensation that reminded my of the same feeling you get when it’s cold outside and you jump into a hot shower or a hot tub…but only a little like that.

I must admit, I took a really quick shower but afterwards I was awake and ready to take on anything.  2 down, 28 days to go!

My 2013 Fitness Goals

I’m not one for making new year resolutions but I do set goals for myself within the calendar year.  The following are my goals for 2013.

Run a Marathon

In 2007 I ran the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins.  I had been training at or near 50 miles a week usually split up among 5 days.  I had run a 20 mile race earlier in the year, and a 228737188_9b49f26d74half marathon a few weeks prior to the main event so I knew…er…thought… I had a marathon in the bag.  I ran the first half of the marathon in 1:48(one hour forty eight minutes), sweet time, right? Well, around mile 14 the cramping in my legs started, first the quads, then calves then everything else.  At mile 19 I couldn’t take the pain and had to walk…I walked almost 3 miles and hobbled the rest of the distance to the finish line in just under 6 hours.

In 2013, my new training plan involves no more than  3 days of running(long distance), one day(usually Sunday) is my long run, the other two days are relatively short runs.  All runs are done slowly so I can recover for my gym workouts.  Any cardiovascular conditioning will take place at Efficient Fitness, the running is strictly to get my body ready for the 26.2 mile pounding.  The race goal is simple: run the whole marathon.


squatIn 1997 I competed in a powerlifting competition and scored a 591 squat(missed 606), 392 bench press, and a 565 deadlift, all done with full gear(squat suit, knee wraps, bench shirt, etc)

In 2010 I competed again, raw masters division, and scored a 418 squat, 275 bench press, and a 507 deadlift. Not too shabby for a 40 year old right?

Well this year is different.  In the same calendar year as the marathon, I want to squat and deadlift over 500 pounds, bench press over 300 pounds(all raw of course), clean and jerk over 300 pounds, and snatch over 200 pounds.  Seems simple enough.

Stand on the Podium

In the last two years I’ve competed at the Front Range CrossFit Colorado Open and the Masters competition.  This year I’m eye-balling the podium for my age range at the masters competition.  In the 40-44 year old category, I am placing in the top 3, done and done.