Strength And Conditioning 4/30/2013

I’m really going to be glad when this marathon is over. My training is in a little bit of limbo this week. I’m ready to start a new strength and conditioning cycle but I know I need to get the run over with first.

Today I decided I’d re-test a workout from the 2011 Open, the chipper event. The workout looked like this:

30 Wall Balls(30# ball)
30 Box Jumps(24in)
30 Snatches(115#)

My score in 2011 was 8:11. On April 5th I re-tested using a 25# ball at 7:25. Today I scored 6:35! Huge improvement, way stoked.

The winning time was 3:32, that’s fast. So after a 6:35 today, I have to figure out how to get faster. I finished the wall balls at about 1:06, 30 unbroken, I’m getting good at these. Box jumps were of the jump and step down flavor. I finished those at around 3:02. So the box jumps I need to cut in half time-wise, need to practice doing them continuously without the step down.

Snatches apparently were my weak spot, I spent over three and half minutes doing 30 snatches. My Isabel(30 snatches with 135 pounds) time was slow and steady at 5 minutes even. At 115# I need to push the gas tanks a little harder and see if I can bang out 30 snatches @115# in under 2 minutes.


I believe in the Central Governor Theory of fatigue. Basically, as a protective mechanism, your brain shuts down your body even if there’s still gas in the tank. Something like this isn’t necessarily what you would want to do every workout, there is a good reason for it if it exists. However, I often think that my own brain shuts down my body way before it should and practicing that extra push is OK.

Strength And Conditioning 4/29/2013

Running. Yep. Today was running for me. 2.4 miles. Just under one tenth the distance I’ll be knocking out this Sunday.

My original goal for this thing back in November was to see if just doing strength and conditioning could prepare me enough for doing a full marathon. Then at some point in December, I decided that I’d need to start running long distance but only a few times per week, like 3 times; one long one on Sunday and two shorter ones during the week.

The plan was going as expected, each week that Sunday run went further and further. Until I had the one run that was just over 10 miles. It hit me. I had entirely forgotten something insanely important. I HATE RUNNING. That was the last long run I did which may have been at the beginning of Feb. Note, the running I speak of is that long slow kind, where it’s mostly mind numbing and not physically taxing, just you…and your thoughts….jogging…slowly….UGH. Sprinting? I like sprinting, that’s fun. The slow stuff sucks.

I still run every week, I get in at least that 2.4 mile run once just so I can remember how much I hate running.

Workout Math *NERD ALERT*

Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is finding exactly how many reps you just completed. math-confusing There is one workout in particular that one of my clients, Kent, did this week that looked like this:

Conventional Deadlift @ 115# x 21,18,15,12,9,6,3
Wall Balls @ 16# x 3,6,9,12,15,18,21

The workout goes like this: 21 deadlifts, 3 wall balls, 18 deadlifts, 6 wall balls, and so on until the end where you do 3 deadlifts and 21 wall balls. After the workout we were trying to figure out how many total reps of each exercise were performed.

Apparently there is some math we can do to easily figure this out. Kent sent me a link to Arithmetic Sequence and I figured we could learn a little more about software at the same time.

The following code(in C#) will calculate the total reps for us using the formulas from Arithmetic Sequence. csharp-seq-calc You’ll notice that I specify the start, 3, the constant difference is specified by diff=3;

I’ve also put a 7 in there,

for(var n=1;n<=7;n++)

since we need to know the number of iterations to perform.

Running the code in Snippet Compiler gives us the following result:csharp-seq-calc-debug-window

In an effort to make this easier I whipped up an html page that allows you to perform the calcs yourself. Check it out.

Strength And Conditioning 4/25/2013


Today was supposed to be a rest day. I really did plan on resting. Then the 6pm crew showed up, 7 of them. Since we were pairing up I decided I’d pair up with Jared. Here was the workout:

Warm Up
3 Rounds of:
10 pushups
15 situps
20 air squats

Bench Press 5 x 12-15
Bent Barbell Rows 5 x 12-15
Overhead Press 5 x 12-15

5 Rounds, each round performed as a team, max 3:00 per round of :
12 Slam Balls @ 30#
9 Box Jumps @ 24”
6 Burpees

The strength portion required all or most of the 5 sets to be completed with your partner in under 10 minutes. This was pretty hard for me, I rarely do rep ranges this high. Starting with overhead presses, Jared and I did most of our sets if not all(i wasn’t really paying attention) with 85 pounds. For 15 reps, this was a pretty good weight. Next up we took on bent rows, using the same weight. These were great, I haven’t had that part of my back that fried for a while, these hit an area that deadlifts, swings and pullups seem to miss. Then we hit the bench. I actually did better than I planned. It’s funny, by the time we got to the bench press, our triceps and shoulders were so fried that the only thing that was helping us out were our chesticles(pecs), so we got a crazy good chest-only workout there.

Conditioning was fast paced, the goal was to go as fast as possible and then rest for the remaining time. Originally I had us doing 2:00 intervals but that would have been way too fast, as it stood with 3:00 intervals we were only getting about 1:30 rest or less.

Strength And Conditioning 4/24/2013

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today. Honestly, I’m sort of nervous about running this stupid marathon in 11 days, and starting any new strategy for training is hard since I know the marathon is going to screw me up for a couple of days following. Today I decided that CrossFit Isabel was a good choice, 30 snatches at 135 pounds.

5:00 even. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a very good score. However, compared to my best time which only in the low 4:00′s(I can’t remember exactly), this was a decent score.

Strength And Conditioning 4/23/2013

Today’s goal was to see how many reps I could hit with 315. I haven’t done more than 3 reps with 315 since I could remember so I figured I try it out.

Warm Up
Ran 1/2 mile(yuck, monkey hate run run)

Back Squats “315 Test”

** Notes: Here’s the thing. I may have been sand bagging a little. My legs were not that tired. However, my breathing and heart rate were racing! Crazy fast. I haven’t gone that heavy for that many reps for a really long time. This is a good thing, I’m uncovering some serious weakness in that area of effort, love it.

Good Mornings: 3x8x135#
GHD Situps: 2×20(the 20 rep range was really frickin hard, up until today I’ve only been going 15 or fewer, so again, this is a good thing, I need to increase volume on these guys)

Rowing: Maintain sub 1:40 pace on the following:
3:00 rest
3:00 rest

my splits were:
500m -> 1:39
400m -> 1:19
300m -> 0:59

total time: 9:57

maintaining that pace was way harder than I imagined.

Strength And Conditioning 4/22/2013

Today, my legs are a little sore. CrossFit Karen took a ton of steam out of my legs so I figured today was a good day for overhead stuff.


American Swings @ 55# x 15
DB Thrusters @ 35# x 10
Shoulder Pass Throughs

Push Press 3 x 5 @ 165#
Push Jerk 3 x 3 @ 185#

100 Pullups for time (8:29, more than a minute improvement off my best, woo hoo!)

Strength And Conditioning 4/20/2013

Today was a fairly light day for me. I wanted to get in some Turkish Get-ups, so I got up to 85 pounds on the barbell with BOTH my right and left; I’m right handed so I was proud of my gimpy left side for keeping up. Doing these with a barbell instead of dumbbells or kettlebells was the best thing I’d done in a long time, WAY more need for your shoulders to be active and involved in the balancing act when a barbell is involved.

I also tested out the concept of training myself while I’m training others. Doesn’t. Work. I get so wound up training the others that I forget to keep moving. That said I did happen to get in a bout with CrossFit Karen(150 wall balls for time). 8:28, over a minute off of my best score. I was stoked!

Strength And Conditioning 4/19/2013

Warm Up

3 Rounds of:

1) Back Extensions x 10
2) Russian Swings x 10 @ 55#
3) Conventional Deadlift x 10 @95#
4) Wall Balls x 10 @ 20#
5) Toes to Bar(no kipping) x 10


Sumo Deadlifts 5×5
135. 185, 225, 275, 315


1) Max situps in 2:00 – 65
2) 1000m row for time – 3:25

Here’s how you do 495 for 3 reps sumo style: