Strength And Conditioning 4/11/2013

“The Bodybuilder”

Bench Press – 4 x 8-15
Bent Rows 4 x 8 – 15
DB Seated Shoulder Press 4 x 8 – 15
EZ Bar Curls 4 x 8 – 15
Skull Crushers 4 x 8 – 15

No Conditioning(originally planned but after this workout it got thrown out).

I did this one with Melissa, Erin, and Tyler and I have to admit, it was fun! This totally reminded me of training I used to do back in the ’90′s(1990′s for you smart asses).

Strength And Conditioning 4/9/2013

Finally feel good enough to get back to lifting weights. Decided to do some light squats. Here goes:

Warm Up
Stationary Bike – 5:00

Back Squats(perform a set every 2 minutes)
Bar x 10
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

Stationary Bike – 5:00 Heart Rate at 130
Rowing – 5:00 Heart Rate at 140

Chicken Fajitas

I use Zite(kick ass app for surfing web articles in a newspaper format), which brought up a recipe from Men’s Health, The recipe however, goes on to ask and answer a question:

“…why do Chili’s, Chevys, Applebee’s, and Baja Fresh all serve versions with more than 1,000 calories? Fattier cuts of meat, oversize tortillas, and hulking condiment trays are to blame.”

The recipe itself is healthy, but then they end by recommending that you “Serve with warm tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and cheese”, thereby, making the meal, yet again, unhealthy. Why unhealthy? The easiest way to jack up your blood sugar and require tons of fat building insulin is to eat tortillas, the flour kind does the most damaage to my blood sugar levels; corn tortillas also screw up my sugars, just not as bad.

So on that note, yesterday I decided to knock out the recipe and it turned out great!


No tortillas or cheese of course. I made a little more than the recipe called for, and also added a ton more veggies(along with the broccoli). I don’t count calories, but my blood sugar was hardly affected at all after eating this meal, so eat up!

Marathon. Done…ish…

This past was the Colorado Marathon. I did it. It’s done.

However. My goal was to run the whole thing. I did not do that. I started having muscle cramps in my legs starting near the halfway point, just like the time I did this same race back in 2007.

In 2007, I weighed around 180 pounds. Why so low? Well, I didn’t lift weights for one, and I didn’t eat that great. Oh, I was running about 50 miles per week. And if you can believe it, the bulk of that training happened on a treadmill. During this race I didn’t consume nearly enough water. I had this “thing” where I would only consume water if I felt thirsty, not before and not consistently. The cramps during this race made more sense.

Fast forward to this past Sunday, Cinco de Mayo 2013. I am usually weighing about 215, I obviously lift weights now, and, except for jogging long distances, I’m in decent shape. I have a torn medial meniscus that needs fixing in my right knee. I’m used to drinking water during workouts. I do the marathon with one goal, just run it no matter how slow. I take a 70 ounce camelback backpack filled with a powerade/water mix. I drink at every aide station. Still, halfway through, the cramping starts.

Melissa asked if I was finally done with the marathon and could now check it off my bucket list. I said yes. But I didn’t really mean it.

I want need to know why my body is cramping at the halfway point.

My training for this one was pretty much strictly strength and conditioning, the workouts I post on this site are what I do. Long slow runs are few and far between. I just don’t do them. So, while it won’t be in 2013 when I do it, I will be taking another approach at the marathon. I’m guessing 2014 maybe, not sure. But the next marathon I run I am running the whole thing, and I’m coming in at under 4 hours.