Strength And Conditioning 4/25/2013


Today was supposed to be a rest day. I really did plan on resting. Then the 6pm crew showed up, 7 of them. Since we were pairing up I decided I’d pair up with Jared. Here was the workout:

Warm Up
3 Rounds of:
10 pushups
15 situps
20 air squats

Bench Press 5 x 12-15
Bent Barbell Rows 5 x 12-15
Overhead Press 5 x 12-15

5 Rounds, each round performed as a team, max 3:00 per round of :
12 Slam Balls @ 30#
9 Box Jumps @ 24”
6 Burpees

The strength portion required all or most of the 5 sets to be completed with your partner in under 10 minutes. This was pretty hard for me, I rarely do rep ranges this high. Starting with overhead presses, Jared and I did most of our sets if not all(i wasn’t really paying attention) with 85 pounds. For 15 reps, this was a pretty good weight. Next up we took on bent rows, using the same weight. These were great, I haven’t had that part of my back that fried for a while, these hit an area that deadlifts, swings and pullups seem to miss. Then we hit the bench. I actually did better than I planned. It’s funny, by the time we got to the bench press, our triceps and shoulders were so fried that the only thing that was helping us out were our chesticles(pecs), so we got a crazy good chest-only workout there.

Conditioning was fast paced, the goal was to go as fast as possible and then rest for the remaining time. Originally I had us doing 2:00 intervals but that would have been way too fast, as it stood with 3:00 intervals we were only getting about 1:30 rest or less.