Strength And Conditioning 4/29/2013

Running. Yep. Today was running for me. 2.4 miles. Just under one tenth the distance I’ll be knocking out this Sunday.

My original goal for this thing back in November was to see if just doing strength and conditioning could prepare me enough for doing a full marathon. Then at some point in December, I decided that I’d need to start running long distance but only a few times per week, like 3 times; one long one on Sunday and two shorter ones during the week.

The plan was going as expected, each week that Sunday run went further and further. Until I had the one run that was just over 10 miles. It hit me. I had entirely forgotten something insanely important. I HATE RUNNING. That was the last long run I did which may have been at the beginning of Feb. Note, the running I speak of is that long slow kind, where it’s mostly mind numbing and not physically taxing, just you…and your thoughts….jogging…slowly….UGH. Sprinting? I like sprinting, that’s fun. The slow stuff sucks.

I still run every week, I get in at least that 2.4 mile run once just so I can remember how much I hate running.