Strength And Conditioning 4/30/2013

I’m really going to be glad when this marathon is over. My training is in a little bit of limbo this week. I’m ready to start a new strength and conditioning cycle but I know I need to get the run over with first.

Today I decided I’d re-test a workout from the 2011 Open, the chipper event. The workout looked like this:

30 Wall Balls(30# ball)
30 Box Jumps(24in)
30 Snatches(115#)

My score in 2011 was 8:11. On April 5th I re-tested using a 25# ball at 7:25. Today I scored 6:35! Huge improvement, way stoked.

The winning time was 3:32, that’s fast. So after a 6:35 today, I have to figure out how to get faster. I finished the wall balls at about 1:06, 30 unbroken, I’m getting good at these. Box jumps were of the jump and step down flavor. I finished those at around 3:02. So the box jumps I need to cut in half time-wise, need to practice doing them continuously without the step down.

Snatches apparently were my weak spot, I spent over three and half minutes doing 30 snatches. My Isabel(30 snatches with 135 pounds) time was slow and steady at 5 minutes even. At 115# I need to push the gas tanks a little harder and see if I can bang out 30 snatches @115# in under 2 minutes.


I believe in the Central Governor Theory of fatigue. Basically, as a protective mechanism, your brain shuts down your body even if there’s still gas in the tank. Something like this isn’t necessarily what you would want to do every workout, there is a good reason for it if it exists. However, I often think that my own brain shuts down my body way before it should and practicing that extra push is OK.