Strength And Conditioning 4/24/2013

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today. Honestly, I’m sort of nervous about running this stupid marathon in 11 days, and starting any new strategy for training is hard since I know the marathon is going to screw me up for a couple of days following. Today I decided that CrossFit Isabel was a good choice, 30 snatches at 135 pounds.

5:00 even. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a very good score. However, compared to my best time which only in the low 4:00′s(I can’t remember exactly), this was a decent score.

Strength And Conditioning 4/23/2013

Today’s goal was to see how many reps I could hit with 315. I haven’t done more than 3 reps with 315 since I could remember so I figured I try it out.

Warm Up
Ran 1/2 mile(yuck, monkey hate run run)

Back Squats “315 Test”

** Notes: Here’s the thing. I may have been sand bagging a little. My legs were not that tired. However, my breathing and heart rate were racing! Crazy fast. I haven’t gone that heavy for that many reps for a really long time. This is a good thing, I’m uncovering some serious weakness in that area of effort, love it.

Good Mornings: 3x8x135#
GHD Situps: 2×20(the 20 rep range was really frickin hard, up until today I’ve only been going 15 or fewer, so again, this is a good thing, I need to increase volume on these guys)

Rowing: Maintain sub 1:40 pace on the following:
3:00 rest
3:00 rest

my splits were:
500m -> 1:39
400m -> 1:19
300m -> 0:59

total time: 9:57

maintaining that pace was way harder than I imagined.

Strength And Conditioning 4/22/2013

Today, my legs are a little sore. CrossFit Karen took a ton of steam out of my legs so I figured today was a good day for overhead stuff.


American Swings @ 55# x 15
DB Thrusters @ 35# x 10
Shoulder Pass Throughs

Push Press 3 x 5 @ 165#
Push Jerk 3 x 3 @ 185#

100 Pullups for time (8:29, more than a minute improvement off my best, woo hoo!)

Strength And Conditioning 4/20/2013

Today was a fairly light day for me. I wanted to get in some Turkish Get-ups, so I got up to 85 pounds on the barbell with BOTH my right and left; I’m right handed so I was proud of my gimpy left side for keeping up. Doing these with a barbell instead of dumbbells or kettlebells was the best thing I’d done in a long time, WAY more need for your shoulders to be active and involved in the balancing act when a barbell is involved.

I also tested out the concept of training myself while I’m training others. Doesn’t. Work. I get so wound up training the others that I forget to keep moving. That said I did happen to get in a bout with CrossFit Karen(150 wall balls for time). 8:28, over a minute off of my best score. I was stoked!

Strength And Conditioning 4/19/2013

Warm Up

3 Rounds of:

1) Back Extensions x 10
2) Russian Swings x 10 @ 55#
3) Conventional Deadlift x 10 @95#
4) Wall Balls x 10 @ 20#
5) Toes to Bar(no kipping) x 10


Sumo Deadlifts 5×5
135. 185, 225, 275, 315


1) Max situps in 2:00 – 65
2) 1000m row for time – 3:25

Here’s how you do 495 for 3 reps sumo style:

Strength And Conditioning 4/18/2013

Today was going to be a rest day with some slow running. Well, due the crazy amount of snow we received along with all too cold temps, I chose to run indoors on the treadmill. Have I mentioned I hate running? Well I really REALLY hate running on a treadmill but figured I’d suck it up so I can pretend I’m in good enough shape to run a marathon…which is TWO WEEKS FROM THIS SUNDAY!!!! YUCK…I’ll be glad when that is over. Anywho, where was I…oh ya, running on a treadmill.


I started off at 5.5 mph, didn’t want to go too fast, keep the heart rate low, mostly breath through my nose, yay. After what seemed like 40 minutes, I looked down and I had traveled….wait for it….wait for it…. exactly .3 miles. That’s POINT THREE MILES. At that point I said eFffIT(get it? f*ck it? jeez, tough crowd, moving on), and I cranked up the speed a little, then a little more, then I decided, why not see how fast I can run a 5K and just get that done. So I did. Granted I started off slow, I ran a miserably slow 27:28, but hey, at least I got on my run in!

Strength And Conditioning 4/17/2013

Yesterday I determined that I should probably back off a little bit. I hit a 265×2 hang power clean last week and was super stoked with that. I’m not feeling up for singles, so I decided today would be sort of a non-heavy day…sort of. Here’s today’s workout:


1) Row 500m
2) 3 rounds of
a) sumo deads x 10 @95#
b) ball slams x 10 @50#
c) american swings x 15 @55#
d) ghd situps x 15


The goals was 5 rounds of 15 reps, starting with strict pullups and finishing whatever was left using kipping. Each round would occur every two minutes. Remember that was the goal. For some reason my forearms and biceps were super pumped up and tired. Needless to say, I was hitting many strict pullups. Ended up with only 4 rounds, of 15-10-10-7.


I decided I’d try something a little different today. I noticed in the dark corners of the gym there was one of those trap bars but with the handle extensinons, PERFECT for farmers walks. So todays workout looked like this:

12:00 AMRAP
1) Hang Power Clean @155# x 7
2) Farmers Walk @250# x 25′
3) Burpees x 7
4) Farmers Walk @250# x 25′

I got in 5 full rounds. I’m not gonna lie, I hate burpees and they slowed me down big time. That was fun workout though.

Strength And Conditioning 4/16/2013

Programming Woes

OK. Who put Grace on the 4/15 schedule knowing that max push press was scheduled for today?? Last week I had a phenomenal overhead press and push press workout. Today, not so much. Everything felt heavy today. Push press. 185. heavy. 205. heavy. 225. really heavy. 245. fail. 245. fail. Last week I hit a push press of 245 for two. I’m gonna go out on a limb and blame Grace(30 135 pound clean and jerks) as the culprit. Oh well. Onward and upward!

Death by pushups. This one was actually pretty fun. One pushup the first minute, two pushups the second minute, three pushups the third minute and so on. I made it to the 8 reps into minute 17 before total failure. So 16 minutes plus eight reps, or 144 total pushups. Very happy with that.

Calculating Score on Death By Pushups

I am asked often what exactly “software” is, obviously by people not in my other profession(programming computers). I figured I’d use Death by Pushups as a reason to write some code to demonstrate what software is, sort of, it’s an overly simplified answer. Here’s the code:


The code basically loops through all of the full minutes that I completed, starting at minute one. Lastly, it adds in the number of reps I completed during the minute when “death” occurred. I have a tool I use that takes the code seen in the image and actually runs it, printing out a result to the screen. “Running” software means that the tool I used will break down the words you see in the image, into symbols unreadable by [normal] humans but into terms the computer can understand(think one’s and zero’s); the computer will then act on this information and do whatever it is the code in the image above told it to do. Simple, right?

Strength And Conditioning 4/15/2013


That was the theme of today’s workout for me.  The plan was simple.  Work up to 385×2, followup with a little conditioning, Grace(135 pound clean and jerk, 30 reps for time).  Warmups looked like this:


That 315×1 felt heavy. Really heavy. All I was thinking about was, driving my big toes through the floor, pulling the ground apart with my feet, tightening the glutes before the descent, then during the descent, driving my knees out, get a little bounce out of the bottom, once in the bottom, really driving my toes through the floor, pushing the knees out, tight back, chest up….


Something must be wrong.

Tried 315 again, but for 2 this time.


Something is definitely wrong. Maybe just scrap it for today? … No. Fuck it. I came to the gym with a goal to accomplish today, let’s get this done. This weight is not heavy for me, just get it done. 340, let’s do this thing.

I’m a little angry at this point. I take 340 off the racks, step back with one mission, squat that weight, nothing else. I knock out the two reps EASY. Ridiculously easy, but I noticed something. My glutes are fired up right now, like I just used them for the first time…Next up, 365. 2 reps easy. 385(the goal for today) is up, 2 reps easy AGAIN. Now it’s making sense. I figured I’d give 405 a try. Just what I expected. 2 reps went up without issue. Probably would have gone heavier but I was lifting alone and can’t drop the weights where I lift.

That’s the most weight I’ve lifted in over two years. Actually, at a powerlifting meet in December 2010, I weighed in at 228 and hit 429/275/507 in the Squat/Bench/Deadlift, all raw, I was 40 years old then. That 429 squat was 1.88 times my bodyweight back then. I’m almost 43 and the 405 is 1.9 times my current bodyweight, and I did that for a double. I’m very happy with the weight.