Chris Carter is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He was the head strength coach for the Cal Poly Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams in 1994 and 1995. Chris was a personal trainer in Dallas, his clientelle were men, women and kids, spanning the ages of 12 up to 72.

High School

Chris attended Jesuit High School in Carmichael, California where he competed in the Shot Put and Discus. In 1988, at the California State High School Track and Field Championships, he placed 5th in the Shot Put and 7th in the Discus.


As a walk on to the Track and Field team at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Chris went on to place 8th in the Shot Put at the 1992 Division II National Track and Field Championships. During this time he started getting serious about powerlifting.


In college, Chris was strong but big(over 260 pounds at one point!). After his last season of Track and Field, he shed the weight and got down into the 220 pound weight class where he competed in powerlifting. In 1997, at a bodyweight of 208 pounds, he squatted 592 pounds, bench pressed 391 pounds, and deadlifted 565 pounds at a powerlifting meet in Texas.

Computer Programming and Diabetes

In 1997 Chris made a career change into Computer Programming and left personal training behind. Workouts were few and far between, maybe a couple of times a week at the gym at best. In 2003 he was diagnosed as an insulin dependent diabetic(Type I). Workouts all but ceased to exist.


By 2005, Chris ballooned up to the 240′s. In June that year he decided to start running, with a goal of just losing weight; but then the competitor in him woke up. On his birthday in 2006, he ran his first double digit running race, a 10 miler and that’s when he decided that he had to run a marathon. He’s run the Georgetown Half Marathon, the Horsetooth Half Marathon, and the Colorado Marathon in 2007. Chris now hates running with a passion.


Immediately following the marathon in 2007, Chris stopped running and went back to comfort workouts at the gym, working mostly leg press and Hammer Strength type machines and getting in “cardio” on a stair climber. His buddy Nick Kirkes dragged him to his first CrossFit class at Emergent Fitness in August 2008 where Chris soon discovered how NOT fit he really was. He signed up that day.

By March 2009, the competitor in Chris woke up again and he entered the EmerFit Games, where he found his new addiction, CrossFit competition. Since then he has competed at the 2009 CrossFit Games Rocky Mountain Regionals, as well as several CrossFit competitions at Front Range CrossFit. He considers himself annual competitor at the Front Range CrossFit Open and Masters events and is competing at those events in 2013.

In 2010, in training, Chris deadlifted 519 pounds, squatted 453 pounds. At a powerlifting meet in December 2010, he bench pressed 275 pounds raw. All of this was done just by doing CrossFit style workouts.

Today… Strength and Conditioning

Seeing a need for good technicians in the sport of fitness, Chris left his full time computer programming job to persue his passion of training others. He specializes in exercise technique and helping people how to relearn how to move correctly.