Workout Math *NERD ALERT*

Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is finding exactly how many reps you just completed. math-confusing There is one workout in particular that one of my clients, Kent, did this week that looked like this:

Conventional Deadlift @ 115# x 21,18,15,12,9,6,3
Wall Balls @ 16# x 3,6,9,12,15,18,21

The workout goes like this: 21 deadlifts, 3 wall balls, 18 deadlifts, 6 wall balls, and so on until the end where you do 3 deadlifts and 21 wall balls. After the workout we were trying to figure out how many total reps of each exercise were performed.

Apparently there is some math we can do to easily figure this out. Kent sent me a link to Arithmetic Sequence and I figured we could learn a little more about software at the same time.

The following code(in C#) will calculate the total reps for us using the formulas from Arithmetic Sequence. csharp-seq-calc You’ll notice that I specify the start, 3, the constant difference is specified by diff=3;

I’ve also put a 7 in there,

for(var n=1;n<=7;n++)

since we need to know the number of iterations to perform.

Running the code in Snippet Compiler gives us the following result:csharp-seq-calc-debug-window

In an effort to make this easier I whipped up an html page that allows you to perform the calcs yourself. Check it out.

Strength And Conditioning 4/16/2013

Programming Woes

OK. Who put Grace on the 4/15 schedule knowing that max push press was scheduled for today?? Last week I had a phenomenal overhead press and push press workout. Today, not so much. Everything felt heavy today. Push press. 185. heavy. 205. heavy. 225. really heavy. 245. fail. 245. fail. Last week I hit a push press of 245 for two. I’m gonna go out on a limb and blame Grace(30 135 pound clean and jerks) as the culprit. Oh well. Onward and upward!

Death by pushups. This one was actually pretty fun. One pushup the first minute, two pushups the second minute, three pushups the third minute and so on. I made it to the 8 reps into minute 17 before total failure. So 16 minutes plus eight reps, or 144 total pushups. Very happy with that.

Calculating Score on Death By Pushups

I am asked often what exactly “software” is, obviously by people not in my other profession(programming computers). I figured I’d use Death by Pushups as a reason to write some code to demonstrate what software is, sort of, it’s an overly simplified answer. Here’s the code:


The code basically loops through all of the full minutes that I completed, starting at minute one. Lastly, it adds in the number of reps I completed during the minute when “death” occurred. I have a tool I use that takes the code seen in the image and actually runs it, printing out a result to the screen. “Running” software means that the tool I used will break down the words you see in the image, into symbols unreadable by [normal] humans but into terms the computer can understand(think one’s and zero’s); the computer will then act on this information and do whatever it is the code in the image above told it to do. Simple, right?